The Slash Testing Framework

What is Slash?

Slash is a testing framework written in Python. Unlike many other testing frameworks out there, Slash focuses on building in-house testing solutions for large projects. It provides facilities and best practices for testing complete products, and not only unit tests for individual modules.

Slash provides several key features:

  • A solid execution model based on fixtures, test factories and tests. This provides you with the flexibility you need to express your testing logic.
  • Easy ways for extending the core functionality, adding more to the global execution environment and controlling how your tests interact with it.
  • A rich configuration mechanism, helping you setting up your environment parameters and their various flavours.
  • A plugin architecture, greatly simplifying adding extra functionality to your framework.

Diving in

As a Test Author

If you only want to write tests for running with Slash, you should head first to the Writing Tests section which should help you get started.

As a Framework Developer

If you are looking to integrate Slash into your testing ecosystem, or want to learn how to extend its functionality and adapt it to specific purposes, head to the Customizing and Extending Slash section.

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