Saving Test Details

Slash supports saving additional data about test runs, by attaching this data to the global result object.

Test Details

Test details can be thought of as an arbitrary dictionary of values, keeping important information about the session that can be later browsed by reporting tools or plugins.

To set a detail, just use result.details.set, accessible through Slash’s global context:

def test_steering_wheel(car):
    mileage = car.get_mileage()
    slash.context.result.details.set('mileage', mileage)

Test Facts

Facts are very similar to details but they are intended for a more strict set of values, serving as a basis for coverage matrices.

For instance, a test reporting tool might want to aggregate many test results and see which ones succeeded on model A of the product, and which on model B.

To set facts, use result.facts just like the details feature:

def test_steering_wheel(car):
    slash.context.result.facts.set('is_van', car.is_van())


facts also trigger the fact_set hook when set


The distinction of when to use details and when to use facts is up for the user and/or the plugins that consume that information